Chen Jong Industrial Co.,Ltd Has Been Engaging In The Cap Machine Producing For More Then 30 Year.We have installed a multitude of machines worldwide, in countries such as China,India, Myanmar, Dubai,Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Taiwan. We have received positive feedback from all our customers. In addition to provide low price and outstanding quality machines, Chen Jong continuously modernizes itself in order to satisfy customers' ever-changing needs.

The Present Main Products Are:
1.Single & Tandem Type Automatic Gang Slitters.
2.Automatic Handle Gripper Welding machine For Top Lids Of 5 Gallon Square Can.
3.Automatic Hole Punchine & Assembling Machine For The Neck/Spout Of Top Lids Of 5 Gallon Square Can.
4.Automatic Top/Bottom Punching Machine For Round & Square Can.
5.Top Cover Curling Machine For Round Paint Can.
6.Automatic Can Ear Punching Machine For Round Paint Can.
7.Automatic Punching Line For The Dome And Cone Of Aerosol Can.
8.Automatic Punching Line For The Top And Bottom Lids Of Break Oil.
9.Automatic Punching Machine Series For Small Shape Metal Box.
10.Automatic Punching Machine Series For Bottle Cap(Tinplate And Aluminum)

Through The Years Experiences & Technics, We Are Honored To Get Many Patents & Good Reputations. Meanwhile,We Are Also Developing & Creating The New Type Machines To Meet The Customers' Special Needs.

Auto-Production & Easy-Operating Is Our Main Policy.At Quality Level &Technical Supports, "Chen Jong" Is Ready To Offer The Best Service To You.Your Early Comments Will Be Much Appreciated. We Assure You Of Our Best Attention At All Times.
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